eCommerce Tip #103: Social Media should drive visitors to your eStore, not the opposite.

Adding external ads or a “Social Media Share” button on a product page is like drilling a hole in your sales funnel. Keep the social media buttons in the content pages.

Make sure your funnel is not leaking.

Tip #103 – © Franco Folini

Social Media are a strategic asset for every eCommerce. But we should not forget that the ultimate role of Social Media is to create awareness and to drive visitors to your website or app, not the other way around.

Having a Share on Social Media button on the product page is like implementing an elevator inside the marketing funnel from the conversion stage up to the awareness stage.

Franco Folini lives and works in the eCommerce territory, a wild area between the Kingdom of Technology and the Kingdom of Marketing. He speaks fluently the language of both realms. For many years, Franco has been helping people bridge the divide and successfully collaborate.

If you want to find out more about Franco, visit his LinkedIn profile or send him an email folini[at]

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