eCommerce Tip #146: FAQ sections with JSON-LD Structured Data can boost your pages SEO

Add a FAQ section to all your product pages. Then optimize it for SEO with powerful keywords and add the JSON-LD snippets.

Flawless FAQs can earn you a prominent position in a rich-results box on Google SERP!

Tip #146 – © Franco Folini

For this technique to work correctly, it’s important that your FAQ page provides a way for users to propose new answers.

To get more context about the JSON-LD approach to Structured Data you can read my recent article How to boost your pages SEO with JSON-LD.
If you don’t want to invest time in manually creating JSON-LD snippets for each FAQ page, you can use the free FAQ JSON-LD Generator created by Saijo George. I would also recommend the Google Documentation for the FAQ Structured Data (I strongly recommend to use the JSON-LD; Microdata is quickly becoming obsolete). If you are more technical you can go directly to the FAQPage definition on

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