eCommerce Tip #145: shoot for high quality visitors, not for quantity!

Not all eCommerce website visitors are made equal. Some will convert, while others will never buy from you. Likely, you can’t afford to push brand awareness outside your target market.
Forget the number of visitors, focus on their quality.

Tip #145 – © Franco Folini

How do you monitor the quality of your website traffic? Here are a few KPI that can help assess the quality of your traffic:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Page per Visit
  • Average Order Value
  • Percentage of New Visitors

A similar approach should drive your strategy on social media. Don’t focus only on the number of likes, but consider other KPI such as engagement level and conversion rate. Engaging followers in conversations is critical, but having a conversation with the wrong followers is a waste of time.

Franco Folini lives and works in the eCommerce territory, a wild area between the Kingdom of Technology and the Kingdom of Marketing. He speaks fluently the language of both realms. For many years, Franco has been helping people bridge the divide and successfully collaborate.

If you want to find out more about Franco, visit his LinkedIn profile or send him an email folini[at]

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