eCommerce Tip #131: Help Google crawler by adding a Canonical Url tag to your pages!

Add a Canonical Url Tag to every page!

<link rel='canonical' href='...' />

It’s the single most crucial tag to help Google Crawler to understand your website and to improve your SEO.

eCommerce :Help Google crawler by showing the Canonical Url Tag!
Tip #131 – © Franco Folini

The canonical tag will tell Google crawler that a set of pages that differ only for their Url are in fact a single page and there is no need to index all of them. The Canonical URL will point to the favorite url to access them, in particular the url Google should use when returning the pages as a result for a search.

To learn about another other two crucial tags, <title> and <meta name=’description’>, read my eCommerce Tip #116: Title tag and meta description are strategic for your SEO.

Canonical Url tag is critical for SEO of  eCommerce sites.
Canonical Url tag is critical for SEO of eCommerce sites.

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