My Webinar at the IULM University in Milan: “Silicon Valley, Marketing & Entrepreneurship”

I’ve been invited to present, on Zoom, a webinar for the IULM University in Milan talking about “Silicon Valley, Marketing & Entrepreneurship”.
The webinar focus was on the Silicon Valley business culture and I provide a few simple guidelines on how to separate the Silicon Valley’s mythology generated by the media buzz from solid business practices.

This is a topic I enjoy and I’m always available to engage in any discussion. My major concern is that people looking at the Silicon Valley could be easily distracted by the most recurring stereotypes and the usual buzz from the media while missing the solid business models and practices that are the root of the Silicon Valley success.

The cover page of my presentation

It was refreshing and exciting to interact with the master’s students and meet the team in charge of the Master.

I want to thank you to all the students and a special thank you to the organizers: Paolo MarencoAlberto CaprettiDaniela CorsaroLinda PizzamiglioEmanuele Acchini (I hope I didn’t forget anyone)

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