Why the Google Ads Search Certification is Important

After recommending my Digital Marketing students multiple times to take the Google Ads Search Certification test, it was my turn to take it. I wanted to show them I know what I’m talking about and that it’s doable. Luckily, I was able to pass it and get my Certificate!

WIs Google Ads Search Certification worth getting?

The Ads Search Certificate is essential for any person in the Digital Marketing industry for multiple reasons:

  • It’s a way to test your knowledge and understanding of this strategic tool and technology.
  • It provides a slight boost in your career, making you better at leveraging Google Ads’ power and features.
  • Adding the certificate to your resume and LinkedIn profile will certainly make your resume more attractive to future employers.
  • Becoming certified shows that you have strong digital skills and are motivated to learn, two essential qualities in the workplace. Demonstrating these qualities can help improve your chances of finding the job you want.
  • The Google Certificate will last only one year. While this short lifespan reflects the quick evolution of the Google Ads platform, it also adds value to the certificate.
  • It’s fun to take the test for the Google Certificate. It takes less than one hour to go through the certification test with 50 questions. Why should you not do it?

Google Ads Certificate earn by Franco Folini

Google has a rich website dedicated to different certifications. It’s called Skillshop. Another Google website for online certificates is Google Digital Garage. All the classes and certifications available on Skillshop and Digital Garage are free!

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