eCommerce Tip #122: Relationships outlast transactions

Relationships outlast transactions.

Invest in building strong relationships with your customers, transactions will follow. Don’t let shortsighted salespeople focus only on transactions. There’s life after the end of the quarter!

eCommerce: Relationships outlast transactions
Tip #122 – © Franco Folini

Marketers call it Loyalty and Advocacy. I prefer to call it simply relationship.

Happy customers will return to your website or app and will react positively to your ads. The end of the quarter, when the pressure is mounting to meet the target sales is the critical moment when bad ideas start to surface proposing some tricky deal to extract a few additional money from your customers. Don’t fall in that trap. You are going to need your customers aven the next quarter, you don’t want them to feel exploited.

eCommerce sales funnel
eCommerce sales funnel

Franco Folini lives and works in the eCommerce territory, a wild area between the Kingdom of Technology and the Kingdom of Marketing. He speaks fluently the language of both realms. For many years, Franco has been helping people bridge the divide and successfully collaborate.

If you want to find out more about Franco, visit his LinkedIn profile or send him an email folini[at]

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