eCommerce Tip #120: Carefully select the font size of the price. It will improve your Conversion Rate!

Be careful about the font-size you select to display the product’s price. Make it small, and the price will disappear, make it big, and it will be perceived as too high.

Run A/B tests to find the optimal size. If you can’t, use the same values used by big eCommerce players as a reference.

eCommerce: Carefully select the font size of the price. It's important!
Tip #120 – © Franco Folini

The optimal font size of a price could be counterintuitive. The mix of user-experience, psychological unconscious reactions, and esthetical value can be really hard to capture unless we use A/B testing. Even with AB testing we will not fully understand why a choice works better than the other, but at least we will get the best approximation of the optimal value.

For more information on how to select the optimal font size for a price, read my recent blog post.

How Font Size Affects Price Perception

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