What Is The GAIQ Certificate, And How To Get It

Google Analytics Individual Qualification, or GAIQ, is a certification released by Google when passing the certification exam.
It’s a popular certificate that summarizes the questions from the Google Analytics for Beginners certificate and the Advanced Google Analytics Certificate. If you passed the tests of these two Google Analytics certifications from Google Skillshop, it should be easy to pass the GAIQ test.

How To Take the GAIQ Exam

The test is based on 70 questions randomly selected from a set of about 150, and the candidate will have approximately one hour to complete the test. After completion, the test will tell you only the total number of correct answers, and it will not highlight the missed questions. In case of a failed test, the candidate will have to wait 24 hours (some website says 7 days) before repeating the test. The certification will last only one year. After that, a new test is required to keep the certificate.

Taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam is easy. You just go on the GIAQ page and start the test. Before starting the test make sure you have all your notes from previous tests and training available to you. Once started you will not be able to pause the test.

Why to Get the GAIQ

GAIQ is critical for agencies that are looking to become Google Marketing Platform Partners or Google Partners. The agency must have at least five associates or employees certified GAIQ, plus several other requirements to be recognized by Google. For small agencies, hiring a GAIQ certified can help reach the quota or keep the quota if a certified employee leaves. Therefore, GAIG makes certified professionals good candidates for hire.

Why I Got the GAIQ

I recently took the GAIG test and passed it as part of my journey to personally experience different professional certifications to provide recommendations and support to my Digital Marketing students.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification, aka GAIQ - Franco Folini certificate
Google Analytics Individual Qualification, aka GAIQ – Franco Folini certificate

Is GAIQ Worth our Effort?

A recent article from the Search Engine Journal, answering the question if the GAIQ is worth our time and effort, states that:

But not just for the certificate, or the badge, or the extra bullet point on your CV. Chances are you’ll pick up a lot of useful analytic knowledge in preparation for the test; much more than you would if you just use the program in passing here and there.


Franco lives and works in the eCommerce territory, a wild area between the Kingdom of Technology and the Land of Marketing. He speaks fluently the language of both realms. For many years, Franco has been helping people bridge the divide and successfully collaborate.

If you want to find out more about Franco, visit his LinkedIn profile or send him an email folini[at]gmail.com

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