eCommerce Tip #140: Include product’s SKU, MPN, and UPC in your pages to get organic visitors ready to buy!

Including your product’s SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), MPN (Manufacturer Part Number), and UPC (Universal Product Code) in all product pages is necessary for enhancing your PageRank for those codes.

The organic visitors you will get, will be at the conversion stage of the funnel with a very high conversion rate!

Include product's SKU, MPN, and UPC in your pages to get visitor ready to buy!
Tip #140 – © Franco Folini

Not many visitors are searching on Google for SKU, MPN, or UPC. But the few that do, are very likely to purchase asap they find the product they are looking for.

This is also true for B2B, where it is common for purchasing agents to receive a list of SKUs of products, and they are expected to return a quote with prices and conditions. They will search the web for products matching those SKUs. As soon the quote gets approved by their client, they will come back to your website, and they will place an order. For products with frequent releases, it can be useful to list with the SKU of the current version, the SKU of the previous version to capture also searches based on obsolete codes.

eCommerce: SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) vs. UPC (Universal Product Code)
SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) vs. UPC (Universal Product Code)

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